Lunch Info

Parents please check in at the front desk, you must have your ID, and get a visitors badge to eat lunch with your child. You will only be permitted to eat with your child(ren).

Wondering what is for lunch? Stop by the Klein ISD Menu page.

How to pay for lunch-

The district uses PayPams to manage food service accounts. There are three ways to pay for your students lunch.

  • Go to and set up an account. There is a small fee every time you deposit money into your student’s account. You can also see what “extras” your child is purchasing during meal times.

  • You can send your child with exactly change daily.

  • Send an envelope with a check (made out to Klein ISD Food Service) or cash with your child’s name and “lunch money” written on the outside of the envelope.

What do we recommend? Set up a PayPams account and deposit money online for the first time. Now when your child’s account gets low you will receive an email to notify you. Then, you can send cash or check in from there on out, so you don’t have the additional fee, but still receive the emails and monitor their spending from home.


What time does your student have lunch? You can check here, please get the password provided by the Lemm PTO on the Lemm PTO Facebook page.